Study on the Bauhaus Berlin / Archives of Design Research(Scopus), 2019
Study on contemporary concept of design archiving / Archives of Design Research(Scopus), 2018
The meaning of interrogative design from Krzysztof Wodiczko / Journal of The Korea Society of Art & design, 2017
A Study on Issues for Design Museum / Journal of Integrated Design Research, 2017
A Critique on Moral Approaches to and Assessment of Design, / Archives of Design Research, 2016
Hangaram Design Museum and Design Exhibition Culture in Korea / Design History Workshop Japan(デザイン史学研究会) 2006

Speech at Design Archive Forum 2020 (KCDF, Seoul, Jan.10, 2020)
Speech at MMCA Research Forum (MMCA, Seoul, Nov.29, 2019)
Speech at M+ matters, (M+, Hong Kong, Sep.12, 2014)

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